Racing & Road Trips

2011 Maryborough Classic

Lachlan waiting to start - check out the UCI approved barrel gate.

Angus on the gate - Henry from Bundy is on the far left.

SQ Shootout Beenleigh

Above Angus showing determination to get round the track in the front pack.
Right: Lachlan with some rare clear air.

Thanks to our friends at Goreys Vids.

Casino Open Day 15May2011

A winter chill in the air and a brisk start at 0800 for pre-race practice. The Casino track is well kept and passionately run by Ken and the gang in Northern NSW. A big shout-out to our mate "Bucco" who powered through the day.
A happy day of racing at Casino, Lachlan even managed to pick up a new pair of cool green racing pants.

2012 Mt Gambia - Aussies

The boys having a look over the well-groomed Mt Gambia Track.

We were grateful for the mild weather that Mt Gambia isn't normally famous for!

2011 Maryborough Classic

Angus with his bounty from the 2011 Maryborough Classic. He was bumped to the 6yr and under group. He had a great time and a white-knuckle contest with Henry from the Bundy club.
Sprocket Rockets lived up to their nick-name this event. We look forward seeing the CQ sprockets again at the 2011 Cane-toad.

SQ Shootout Beenleigh

Lachlan in the striking Bayside jersey.

Casino Open Day 15May2011

From the top of the Casino start hill looking down the first straight.
Angus is the 3rd from the left and managed 2x 1st & 2x 2nd's.

Mighty Team Transport 20/20, even for an overnight there isn't much spare space once all the gear is packed.

Meet "The Love Bug" VW monster truck. Lovingly pimped by the Blue Lake Track Director, he/she faithfully rolls the undulating straights. 

The Queensland area was a great place to chill!