In our travels we get meet many great BMX families and sometimes some questions come up in conversation. I thought I would put a few of these into our website..... Uncle Chris

Q. Where did 20TwentyRacing come from?
A. The boys plates, both Angus and Lachlan race under the 20 plate in the 20inch bike class.  Darren races under his original plate of 34. We have thought of moving everybody to either number but after a team meeting at the SQ Zones. We have decided to race Cruiser under the 34plate. We may even venture into the Retro class - watch the garage for developments. Plate 34 has too much history to retire - roll on...

Q. Why did the boys start BMX?
A. The BMX families are great people. We love the events, open days and opportunity to travel. We have met lots of other families who are normally more than happy to help each other. It is sport that has a wide range of ages and enjoyed by Angus, Lachlan and Darren. Each the support team gets a work out!

Q. Best piece of Kit in the 20TwentyRacing Team Transport?
A. Ozito Cordless Tyre Inflator, best $60 bucks I ever spent at Bunnings. Comes with it's own case, Cordless but if you run low on charge can we plugged into the 12v from the car or power pack. 
"Just magic! - 0 to 80PSI in under a minute or two."

Q. Do we have a favourite team?
A. We have a soft spot for the Crash Bandicoots, love the Jerseys and the girls race hard and fast whilst having a great time!