Angimus-Prime, The Rise of the Sprocket

Angus, Jun11 SQ Zone Champs
Angus started BMX in March 2010.

We thought it would be interesting to document Angus' 1st year in BMX. He started after the Bayside open day in Mar10.

He started off on a small "off-shelf"  BMX style bike. Commonly referred to as the shark bike.

Often he needed a helping hand just to get up the hills around the Bayside Track.

From an early age, Angus felt the need for speed!

Aug2010, by this stage Angus had graduated to a Redline Micro-mini. 18inch wheels, certainly a step-up from the little Shark Bike.

A little over a year, Angus now racing on his 20" Redline Flight. From here the wheels stay the same (unless he moves to cruiser) the frames just get bigger and stronger.

Wow what a big year!!

And at the end of racing, a quick check of the mighty machines...

Bayside Open Day

Angus turned 4 in the early part of Mar10 and by the end he is lining up for his first gate at an open day.

Rolling down the start hill, those 12" wheels don't seem to
be too much of a disadvantage until .....

... You get past the 1st turn and up the first serious hill! ..
and the commentator says ...
"Somebody get that kid a real BMX bike!"

A sprocket trophy and proud Mum and Dad always makes
the day all worthwhile!

2011 has ended with a Angus having a broken arm a couple of weeks prior to the state titles.

A real shame that he wasn't able to race but still enjoyed the event and the sprocket party!

Planning on a busy 2012 for our then 6year old sprocket.

2012 ... moving on, the injury of 2011 is a faded memory. We had a busy early part of the year racing Gold Coast Race Week, Shoot-out and then on to the Aussies.

6M Start hill which was no issue for our Spocket Rocket.