Oxley Cycles SQ Zone Championships

2011 - Centenary Plains
Centenary plains track, a bit over 30minutes south of the 20Twenty Garage. Well structured track with bitumen corners and this track has plenty of technical aspects and pace. Home track to our mates the Silsburys. We felt Brad's pain loosing some skin on day1. Good news, he finished the moto and rode on for day2.

Angus was the first rider to finish the event in the sprocket class for 5yr boys. Both Mum and Dad very proud of Angus who takes the challenge up to all but like to shake hands and congratulate all his fellow riders.

2012 - Cooloola
The weather was mild and whilst we had some light rain, the champs proceeded without issue.

The Team was busy with Official duties but below is a likely group from Lines. These are the girls who keep track of the riders as they cross the line

Gates, Gates and more gates - an important part of the warm up before the racing to get a feel of the track and work out any last minute issues with the bikes.
The Redlines worked hard all weekend without a hitch - we have some flash new chain tensioners to be fitted for the Cane Toad.

Our boys at the end of the day,  whole team very proud of their achievements. We always like to encourage them to have a go and whatever they want to try. To be good sports, race fairly and give it 100% ... most important have fun!

To our fellow BMX families - thanks for a great weekend!

2012 - Cooloola
Thanks Don  (Oxley Cycles), a great supporter of the Champs.
Cooloola Club had significant rain through the start of the year. Flooded something like 3x times. Great work by the Cooloola crew to stage this event.
Well Done Gang ...